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Small Grants Programs

Remarkable humans populate the companion animal world.  We meet owners who fight to keep their pets pain-free even when they themselves are not.  At vets’ offices you hear tales of the companion animal owner who devotes a large portion of the little money she has to pay her animal’s bill. We see rescuers plucking cats and dogs from the pool of homeless animals, restoring them medically and behaviorally, and placing them in good homes.  Then there is the person who stops on the road for a skinny stray dog…and another…..and another…and then buys a used school bus to travel with his new-found charges through the local town to promote responsible dog ownership.

These actions help animals and inspire people; our organization’s goal is to encourage them.  We currently oversee two funding programs:  The Pet-Vet-Cost Assistance Program aims to keep a healthy human/companion animal bond intact in the face of a pet medical emergency and the Proactive Animal Rescue Program provides seed funding for community-based individuals to reduce companion animal homelessness and neglect.  The photos that surround this webpage are those of individuals and animals who made a difference in each others’ lives.  We invite you to visit our About/Contact Us page, read our Pet-Vet-Cost Assistance and Proactive Animal Rescue program pages, fill out our Application Forms, Donate, and join their ranks!