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PetVetCost Assistance Program

Our goal is to help people help their pets with medical emergencies. At initial contact, we want to hear the owner/rescuer’s plans to help their animal…then sometimes we offer advice, encourage alternatives, help with loans . . . . sometimes we say we can’t help. Because there are a substantial number of emergencies and we have limited funds, understanding our program will help you best interact with us.

The pets we help are:

  1. Spayed/Neutered (“altered”) animals,
  2. Animals with a good prognosis if treatment occurs, and
  3. Highest priority goes to adopted shelter animals (with proof of adoption from shelter) or rescued animals with proof of rescue

The owners and rescuers we most likely help are: 

  • Those who present a clear picture of their finances and their plan for paying for this expense (income sources, cash in hand, care credit applied for, family and friends contacted for help, financial references and post-dated checks to offer for loan paybacks), 
  • Those who come with a vet’s diagnosis, cost of treatment, and recommendation of responsible care (not a requirement but a plus), and
  • Those who provide a photo of their pet.

Please note: This is primarily a regional program, preferential treatment is given to Central Oregonians.

We understand you are worried for your pet, we worry for ours. But in an emergency, those who deal with the medical and financial issues upfront will stand the best chance of getting our help. Applications (one for owners, one for rescuers) are available on the Applications page.  We prefer you contact us prior to filling out the application.  

Please contact us via email at: 31paws@gmail.com. We strongly prefer this communication method and will respond fastest to it. If you have no email, you can call us at: 541-385-4921 and leave a detailed message; it may be a day or two before we respond. Either way, briefly tell us you and your pet’s situation, how you’ve thought to fix things, and how you qualify in the above lists. 

We have helped over 180 people/pet combinations in the past couple years. Bad things can happen to good pets and people, and we love to help them come out on top!